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A Pavement Classic by Eric & Karna Peterson

The sun was shining brightly as 41 bicycle riders gathered at the north park for the 10th Annual Falun Classic.  The 32 mile course left Lindsborg and traveled west along Highway #4.  The initial four miles of the first leg was steadily up hill at least half way with final the downhill run to the intersection of Highway #4 and the Falun Road.  There riders were treated to cookies, apples and bananas at the first sag stop manned by Glen and Linda Spohn.  A special thank you goes out here to the McPherson County Sherrif Patrol as they patroled this first seven mile leg to ensure the saftey of the riders. 


After the first sag stop the riders fell into smaller groups and pedaled northbound.  Traveling along the Falun Road offered great views of the Smoky Hills landscape surrounding the ever winding Dry Creek.  Many cottonwoods and osage orange trees were starting to show their true colors in hues of yellow and gold.  Passing hills of brown and gold prairie grasses, milo fields and recently planted wheat fields gave this adventure the feeling of a true classic fall ride. Near the half way mark on the curvy Falun Road, riders were treated to their second sag stop and were greeted by veteran riders Craig and Fannie Olsen. 


Lynn and Eddie Summer were in charge at the third sag stop located near the intersection of Falun and Burma Roads.  Once leaving the final sag stop the riders had to tackle a steady south wind for the final six to seven mile leg back to Lindsborg on Burma Road. The length of the ride made its mark on many people here as they ascended the seemingly never-ending White Cross hill into the wind.                                                                        


The riders came from many different towns including Lindsborg, Salina, and Falun, name a few.


True congratulations goes out to the three children riders, including Aaron Masterson, Austyn Hizelman (both age 11), and Elias Peterson ( age 9). All three rode the entire length of  the course.  These young riders typically ride heavier bikes than the adults.  In addition, the youth bikes don't have the mechanical advantage of up to 27 gears like the adult bikes not to mention better engineering.  Thus given the above and the kid's body to bicycle weight ratio, these young guys really put out a fantastic effort Sunday.   


Riders pedaled into the north park over the later part of the afternoon.  There, the ride's organizer, Judy Murphy, and helpers Julie Harding and Karna Peterson, made sure everyone had there fill of the complimentary supper supplied by Sodexho Food Service of Bethany College.  The ride is annually sponsered by Bethany's Student Activity Board. We hope to see you next year on the ride.  Look for preride information next year in September.

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