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Sprad Tracks
E-mails, Ghost stories, and one last look at some cool artwork!


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G Arantowicz

From the Devil's Advocate, uh I mean race promoter,
You guys (racers) made the race, I just set the stage...G~

This fall, the Devil struck back in the form of freezing rain and abysmal conditions. This Sunday's fifth Ride with the Devil was attended by 70 brave souls who wandered into the woods of Clinton Lake State Park and survived the Devil's curse. Last year's beginner sensation became this year's expert revelation, as Wes Watkin's took home top honors in the feature event of the day. LMBC's Chris Mefford came in a creditable second in the expert field to cap off a season cursed by injury. Another notable ride came from Lawrence's Sam Perkins who garnered his second victory in as many attempts, this time taking the win in Sport 50+ Category. Look out Larry Spray, there's a new kid on the block!

Terry Spradley returned to winning form after a season plagued with bad luck, by completing his Hat Trick of winning medals at the Devil's expense. Ever since Terry made fun of Gerard's mossy pavement crash at Farlington, he has been cursed with bad luck. The Black Ghost works in mysterious ways.....

The Legend of the Black Ghost:


Local folklore claims that the "Ride with the Devil" Mountain Bike Race course is haunted by a mischievous little character called the Black Ghost. According to historians, the Black Ghost was once an avid mountain biker who never obeyed the rules of the trail. Banished by local authorities from riding these trails, the Black Ghost sought revenge by hiding out in the woods and wreaking havoc on innocent mountain bikers. He only comes out in October, and likes to cause mechanical problems and mishaps for the riders who race the "Ride with the Devil". So, if you are experiencing problems out there on the course, don't blame fate, blame the little Black Ghost. He's out there...somewhere....

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