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Sprad Tracks
Questions, Questions, Questions?

Readers Poll~

D. totally indifferent now leads the pole by a 3-1 margin!
     A and B are tied for second...

Tracks #10 went out with an opinion poll, supposedly the last opinion poll.  But in my never say die attitude I am trying it again.  Besides that I really have something I can't make up my mind about!  The new website is up and running, you obviously know that or you probably wouldn't be reading this.  I have a question on its design, (actually several but I've got an e-mail into Bill Gates about those).  I also thought the Reader's Poll would do better when it has a more accessible way to reply.  Tough to click a link on those printed pages around the camp fire.

   Here is the newest opinion poll.  Has nothing to do with biking though.  If you have made it through all the web pages you may have noticed two different page layouts.  Most of the pages have the Green slender line layout, Faded Green.  The Upcoming Events page has a different style, Angle Green.  I know, I know, what do you think we are interior decorators?  Build your own damn site.  But hey I know you all have opinions out there.  Probably many you would really like to give me, but don't hold your breath waiting for those questions!    Pick your response from the list below or use your own words.   

   Which do you prefer?

A.     Faded Green, (like the home page).

B.     Angle Green, (like the Upcoming Events page).

C.     Something totally different (sorry, no nudity).

      D.  Totally indifferent dude
Click the link below with your response

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