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Sprad Tracks
Reader's Write
From the E-ddress~

This next e-mail came to me from Cameron Chambers of Golden Belt Bicycles after a trip to the Cornhusker state.

After leaving a substantial amount of skin on a highway somewhere in New Mexico (that'll teach me to ride a road bike) I wasn't sure if I could muster up another race this weekend or not. I was feeling pretty good by Friday morning and started scanning the internet for a race. Closest thing seemed to be the Nebraska state championships in Omaha. I didn't race until 2:30 Sunday so the course had ample time to dry out from the rain the day before. The pro/semi-pro/expert race was six 5 mile laps on a course that they told me had more climbing than the XC course in Big Bear, California.

      Questions of the single speed weapon selection cropped up in my mind. I held 8th for the most part of the race but got stoked on the last lap and passed 2 more riders claiming 6th in the 25 man field. That finish was good for 45 bones ($), helping cut into some of that gas money. I was breathing down the neck of 5th place but cramps in the lats and some serious forearm pump kept me from putting out the power I needed. Ah the pleasures of a rigid single speed.

      I would definitely suggest the Nebraska races to anyone; the courses are absolutely sweet, and really well organized. Two weeks till the Crowder Crank and Cruise. Hope you heal up by then Terry.


For more information on the Nebraska race series check out

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