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Sprad Tracks

A Tribute to Honor and Courage

        One last thing before I go.  I wrote the following story on 9/11/02.  It wasn't necessarily intended as a Tracks column but I decided to include it in here anyway.  The anniversary of the terror attack has passed but hopefully the lessons have not.  I hope these opinions don't offend anyone.  It would give me great cause to doubt the high opinion I have of all my fellow mountain bikers.

9/11 by TSLegend

        Today my flag flew, but my heart did not.  I pulled in my driveway at lunch and felt pride for my patriotism as the flag fluttered from its pole.  Seconds later I remembered why it was there.  It wasn't there because of my patriotism; it was there to honor the dead.  It flew to honor the 3,025 individuals who lost their lives one year ago today.  3,025 people left for work expecting to return home again that night, 3,025 doors that didn't open that night, 3,025 families whose lives would never be the same again.  3,025 victims of nineteen soulless monsters and the perverse society that supports them.

        Today my flag flew as I sat and watched television coverage of the memorial events across our nation and the world.  Bagpipes played, the names were read, and people filed into the pit of Ground Zero leaving flowers and other memorials where some left so much more.  Heroes were born and died that day as New Yorks firefighters and police officers rushed in to help their fellow men and women.  Sacrificing their own lives trying to save countless others shows Americas courage honor and bravery.  Ordinary passengers and crew created their legacy of heroism as United flight 93 plummeted into a field near Shanksville Pennsylvania.  Stealing a plane and crashing it into a building in the name of Allah is not courage.  Hiding in the shadows, running towards death to destroy a symbol of Americas prosperity is not honor.  It is the act of a coward.  Killing innocent men, women, and children in the name of any god is just sick.

        Today my flag flew as I sat and thought about all that has transpired since last years tragedy.  The war on Afghanistan that at least temporarily disrupted the terrorists agenda, the rebuilding of the Pentagon, the clearing of Ground Zero.  I thought about the stories I heard earlier in the year as bleeding hearts complained about inhumane treatment and conditions for the prisoners at Camp X-ray.  Cries of violating the Geneva Convention were heard as prisoners were forced to kneel on rough rocks, or held in open fenced cages.  Did the nineteen terrorists consult the Geneva Convention articles before they attacked America?  Were these same organizations and individuals lobbying for humane treatment when U.S. soldiers were held and tortured in Vietnam's prison camps? 

Today my flag flew as the Nation mourned our lost friends, neighbors, and family members; as our Nation remembers the high price one pays for complacency.  The terrorists taught us many things one year ago.  The world is a different place today.  The insanity we were all so used to watching happen in other countries has come to our shores.  We must respond with the same ruthlessness as our attackers.  Instead of bringing our country to its knees they brought us to our feet.  Live your lives as you always have, mow your lawns, ride your bikes, hug your kids, but never forget 3,025 people no longer have that freedom. 

        Today my flag flew  T~


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