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Tracks #13


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 12 Miles of Hell, Frugality, and a couple of Handicaps

12 Mile 02
at 12 Mile 2002

Tracks #13 is finally here. I went back to the old Newsletter style for the Tracks newsletter.  It is in Acrobat reader format accessible through the link below.  I had a writer's block thing going on for awhile and got busy with non bike stuff for a bit.  Yes I do have a life outside of biking.  As this issue will show, I got over it.  Like tears on a shrink's couch once the words started to flow there was just no stopping them.  The 12 Mile coverage is something like 4,700 words long.  I broke it up into three different sagas throughout the newsletter.  Those that aren't into details and only what to know that "the butler did it" can go directly to the race day coverage starting on page 4.  Complete coverage starts on page 1 with "Getting There".

            Due to the extensive coverage of 12 Mile I didn't include a few other items.  The Halfway to Hell pre-ride was dropped as well as an article about new bike trails at Tuttle Creek.  I will put up a web page on the Tuttle Creek trails after I get a little more information on them.  If you want to hear the story of the Halfway to Hell ask me or the other 3 riders that made it through to the end.

             Spring has not quite sprung yet, but it is getting damn close.  Daylight savings time is just a few weeks away and the dog days of summer rolling in after that.  Mountain biking has definitely gained momentum in the past few years.  You can go to something off-road about any weekend you want depending on how far you are willing to drive.  The new Central Kansas club is making strides at developing more trails and events in the central part of our state.  July 12th, Coronado Heights north of Lindsborg KS will play host to what I am pretty sure is the first ever downhill race in central Kansas.  Practice will run all day with timed runs starting after lunch.    We plan on following Saturday's downhill race with a typical cross country event at Kanopolis Lake on Sunday.  Watch the Tracks Online website or contact a Team LATR member for more info.

            Enough said, use the link below to download and print the latest Tracks so you can read it when you can't be biking.  Unless you're in my class.  In that case get yourself a nice tall glass of milk, a big stack of cookies, and check it out.  Several times!


See you on the trails!

Tracks #13

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