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Sprad Tracks

Tracks #17

Tracks #17
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Tracks returns to the Heartland, below is the first installment for 2004.
If you would like a hard copy mailed to you contact the editorial offices at Tracks #17 is finally here! 

Tracks editor on the edge at Moab UT

Tracks #17 pages 1-3

Tracks #17 pages 4-6

Tracks #17 pages 7-9

Tracks #17 pages 10-12

Maybe You Can Go Home Again

A Team LATR publication for Kansas Mountain Bikers

August 23rd 2004

Inside this issue:


 Inside this issue:
Intro "... home again" pgs 1-2
Bikerpelli by Ryan Cole pg 3
Kansas Trails News by Clark Coan pg 3
Chambers page by TS Legends pg 4
National Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day - IMBA Trail News Magazine pg 5
Heartland Series News from 2004 pg 5
Group Mail, MTB Kansas - SK Carrell pg 7
CKMBC News & Official Business pg 8
From First to Last by Josh Davison pg 9
Team LATR News from 2004 pg 11
>>>>"Sprad Tracks" entertainment for Midwest fat tire riders.>>>>
A Team LATR publication