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Sprad Tracks
Wilson Lake KS
Tracks #17
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Wilson State Park is located on the south side of Wilson Reservoir. The park is divided into two areas: Hell Creek and Otoe. Come to one of Kansas' premier recreation hotspots to fish, hike, water-ski, or just enjoy the outdoors.
For licenses, permits and other information, visit the park office (located at the Hell Creek area entrance), or the self-pay stations at the entrance to each area. Vehicle, camping and utility permits are required year-round. Brochures on regulations and area attractions are also available at the park entrances.

Wilson Lake is one of the states pretty lakes. Clear blue water, rock cropping bluffs and very few trees to muck up the view.  Annual host to the Kansas Fat Tire Festival montain bike event the first weekend of May, the Icicle ride the first weekend after New Year's, and the occasional full moon midnight ride.  The bike trails wind around and across paved roads in the state park area.  This and the obvious lack of trees makes any event at Wilson a spectators joy, racers like it too.  Check out the pictures, maps, and mark the weekend of the 2nd through 4th of May as busy attending the Fat Tire Festival.  Go to Golden Belt Bicycles Company's website for more details on the Kansas Fat Tire Festival.  (Link located on the links page).

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Wilson Lake State Park map (pdf)

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