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Sprad Tracks
Coronado Heights, Lindsborg KS
Tracks #17
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A.k.a. "the Hill" 


From the Lindsborg News Record; by T. Spradley
...Francisco Vasquez Coronado traveled thousands of miles from the gulf coast of California, through New Mexico, and the Texas panhandle in search of gold and riches.  Around 1542, after dragging his weary band of soldiers to the top of present day Coronado Heights, he decided it was time to turn around and go home.  Ride the Hill's Double/Double a few times and you might too!
Located 3 miles north of Lindsborg KS on Burma Road, follow the Castle. 

...Several group rides already this year have established two good ride-able loops (known as the double), clocked out at approx.3.2 miles it feels like 6 miles worth of workout.  The new northwest loop is about 70% controlled crash through Holdsworth's hollow and down Kamikaze run.  I did a night ride with my new lights earlier this year.  Even with good lights, those brown rocks are kind of just dark spots, very solid dark spots!  I hit one about 1/3 of the way down Kamikaze.  I think there was a couple of UFO reports called in as Sugar tumbled down the hill with 20 watts of lights carving light saber circles in the sky.  The old trail is well ridden and fast, mark's madness is still a workout, but well worth the sweat.  A few new loops are being sketched in throughout the old trails for more distance and passing zones.  The end of the west side uphill has a detour in it to accommodate Kamikaze.  This section was recently christened Heartbreak Ridge, ride it a couple of times in poor shape and you'll understand.  The present training loop is the notorious double, double, (two laps of both loops, about 6 miles), add in a staircase hike/bike on the last ascent and your legs will be screamin'.  Do it twice, or add in a couple miles on the county line road.  Head west from the hill's lower gate and you have a hill climber's dream; about 7 miles of 7 hills, I call the wailing wall of hills.  Turn around at the asphalt road and do it all again on the way back.    

Coronado's trail system is largely developed, and maintained by Lindsborg area's Team LATR mountain bike club.  The trails are open for all bikers and hikers alike to enjoy.  Please no horses or motorized vehicles!  The trail surface is all natural terrain and footing, as such it has inherent dangers.  Please know your own limitations, ride or hike accordingly, wear all reasonable safety gear, and never, ever, feed the trail workers!  Use the trails responsibly, and at your own risk.  Please help keep the trails clean for all to enjoy by following the practice of "pack it in, pack it out" maybe even pack out a bit extra.   If you enjoy hiking along beaten paths, (or flying down them like your hair is on fire), you owe it to yourself to check out the hill.  New improved maps should be out later this spring. 




Coronado Trail map jpg

For more information on Coronado Trails use the sites feedback links, or Team LATR members listed on the contacts page.  Team LATR does trash duty on the hill the second weekend of the month.  Check the home page for time and date.  Watch for Trash Pick-Up Polo spring 03.


Disclaimer; Ride at your own risk!  Please remember mountain bike riding is an inherently dangerous activity.  Always ride with caution, use your own judgment as to what is and isn't ride-able for your skill level, wear all appropriate safety equipment and please don't mow down the hikers!

I have talked to several of them and they are rather nice.  Seriously these trails are not exactly sanctioned trails.  The controlling factors have turned a blind eye to them if we take care of stuff, and pick up trash once a month.  Don't abuse the privilege be polite, police up your trash.  Stay on the maintained trails.  Some sections have been closed or rerouted because of erosion problems, please use the new routes.  If you have questions, or would like to become a part of Coronado's crew, contact me through one of the links.

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