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Sprad Tracks
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Tracks #17
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Past Tracks

Use the links listed below to download Acrobat Reader versions of past Sprad Tracks.  Past issues will be available for a limited time and as time and bytes permit.  If you are interested in a certain printing, e-mail me a request and I will load it on this page.

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Tracks # 16
Last "Tracks" in the old "Word" newspaper layout.
with stories like "Save the Last Dance for Me", "The Great Leaving, "Where No Lycra Clad Rider has Gone Before" and " Mindless Ponderings" by Jess Wunderin, this one is a collectors item.
Race/Ride coverage of;
Tour De Lizard
Up Your Nose at Roman Nose
The Chambers of Horrors
& The Chambers pages, Moab Coverage

pages 1-3

pages 4-6

Pages 13-15

Pages 16-18

Pages 19-21

 Sprad Tracks #13
12 Miles of Hell '03
Ride with the Devil

Tracks #13

Tracks # 15
Chambers Coverage win 24-Hour World Title
Disappointment in Durango
2 out of 3 ain't bad
Barton County Lake Trail review
"Sox" by Anna Krich

Tracks #15

Tracks # 14
Chambers Coverage, McGyver Report
Return to Drywood, Double the Dirt Bags
& I will survive by Anna Krich

Tracks #14


Sprad Tracks #12
The End of 2002
New Year's Day rides
Wilson's Icicle Ride

Tracks #12

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