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There are as many links to bike sites, race schedules, and other two-wheel stuff as there are rocks at Lake Perry.  I won't attempt to list them all but I will do my best to get the entertaining, informative, or pertinent to our area sites listed.  If there are some that you feel should be included send me the link and I will check it out. 

get this gear!

Golden Belt Bicycle Company 1-800-561-2453
A good old fashion bike shop that still believes in customer service, good deals, and giving us all a place to ride.  Owner Doug Chambers along with son Cameron and a group of his dedicated customers have many hours of trail building and maintenance at Wilson Lake and trails in the Great Bend area.  Singlespeed and 29" experts, they service and sale Trek, Red Line, Surly, and now Gary Fisher bicycles.  These guys do it all.    1111 Main St.  Great Bend KS. 67530
Wilson Lake's Kansas Fat Tire Festival Info and registration page

Heartland Race Series, home of the Rapture in Misery 6~12hr

International Mountain Bicycling Assoc.
the fat tire rider and trail builder's bible

Earthriders is a Kansas City based bike organization.  With rides like wreckin' Wednesday, Bonktoberfest, and Frank Tuesday events, this club offers many reasons to head east.  They also have a very entertaining Newsletter, special articles for the singlespeeders and Ride Phat for the clydesdale crowd.  Check out their site for a variety of Fat tire stuff in a nicely done format.  

For bike work, new bikes or information in the wild west of Hays America try
Janice at The Hub bike shop, 1-785-625-5685 e-mail at

Bike Tek is Salina's connection for  Trek and Fisher fat tire bikes.  Rod Billings also carries Haro and Hoffman freestyle, and BMX bikes.  Skinny tire riders can check out the selection of Trek and Lemond speedsters.  In the service department Kenny does most of my wheel work.  He has been the main guy to straighten and repair a large percent of my oops's over the years.  He has always done me right.  645 E. Crawford across the street from Central High School, 1-800-536-2925. father of my beloved Sugar 2, need I say more?  Check out the entertaining 29" video at fisher 101.  Pull down the screen for movie. the ice man cometh.  Here is a good site with information to help you stay ahead of him. Ft Sill's 12 Miles of Hell, it's closer than you think. 

broken link

What can I say about the Lawrence mountain bike club?  If you've rode your bike in an event or on a trail between Manhatten and Kansas City chances are LMBC or one of their members had a hand in it.  The club hosts numerous rides throughout the year.  Throw a dart at the calendar and LMBC probably has something going on that day.  Check out their site for an abundent number of other bike links and Fat Tire stuff.

A plethora of Kansas trail info can be found at the Kansas Trails Council home site.  Hiking, biking, horseback riding, backpacking, and canoeing are all areas of interest for the KTC.  Their site contains maps of many trails supported and maintained by the council.  They are presently putting together information on many other trails in the Kansas area.  If your looking for trail info this is a good place to start. 


The Missing Link
missing link or just bad grooming?
Where have all the Yetti's gone?

For excellent mountain and woodland riding check out Arkansas!  The Ouachita mountain trail systems boast something like 600 miles of trails.   I vacationed in Mena Arkansas a few years ago and was awed by the abundence of trails.  They have a wicked event around Easter known as the Ouachita Challenge 60 to 65 miles of singletrack.  For more information on this MTB dream follow this link
Arkansas also has an aggressive mountain bike series in the AMBC, Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series.  For information on their race schedule and venues check out
Michael Kelsey is my southern contact if you have specific questions or would like to be added to his group mail list contact him at

And even more Websites with good bike stuff... a good site with several how to articles, duathalon info and other good two wheel stuff

Wichita's OZ bike club website link.  Home of some good riders and good folks.

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